All coffee served in store is freshly ground from Certified Organic Fair Trade beans. Grabbing a coffee at Javana is an international experience, with different countries being featured all the time. We serve coffee from Jamaica, the Dominican, Nicaragua, Peru and Columbia with more countries to come in the future. Why certified organic fair trade? Non organic coffee contains pesticides, herbicides and other impurities. The workers that harvest non Fair Trade coffee are often not paid a fair salary and do not always have safe working conditions.

Due to popular demand, we do carry some beans and ground coffee for retail sale that are not Fair Trade certified (as well as many that are). We do not serve those coffees in store. Despite this the utmost care is used when selecting all coffees available in store. For example, Cubita is not Fair Trade certified but is organic, as the farms where it comes from do not have access to herbicides and pesticides under current trade embargoes.

Whether you are looking for coffee to make at home, or stopping in to try a latte, cold brew or regular coffee, you can expect quality products that we will stand behind at every step of the way.